Another tough break for Andrew Young, whose quest to claim paternity of his daughter continues to meet quirky little stumbling blocks. Like, for example, people in a position to know telling Fox News, “There was no relationship between [Rielle] and Andrew Young.” Or the alleged mother of his child allegedly being whisked away by private jet to parts unknown two days before Silky’s penance on ABC. A key detail from that last link: According to the Enquirer, Edwards did end the affair and reveal it to his wife — before restarting it, which might help explain (a) why he and Hunter were still being photographed together just before New Year’s when he claims to have confessed earlier in 2006; (b) what one source who spoke to People magazine meant when he said of Edwards, cryptically, “He told the truth slowly”; (c) why Hunter’s sister would claim to Entertainment Tonight that the relationship not only started before she began working for the campaign (contra Silky) but that it never really ended, an allegation also made by Hunter’s friend Pigeon O’Brien; and of course (d) how a guy who claims it was over by 2006 might have fathered a child born in 2008.

To put in perspective for you just how low Silky’s credibility has sunk even on the left, yesterday’s edition of “Hardball” featured Salon editor Joan Walsh and New York magazine writer John Heilemann (responsible for this recent TPM-ish excrescence) and neither one of them could have been any more skeptical of Edwards’s story than if they were RNC spokesmen. I said last week that I thought he’d recover from this eventually but now I’m not so sure. Click the image to watch.