Another day, another NYPD officer stripped of his gun and badge while IA investigates footage of him dispensing a bit too much nuance to a perp. Needless to say, this is a closer call than the last clip, especially given the cops’ claim that he attacked them first:

Cephus said he was bringing ice into a park, when he encountered two police officers checking for liquor. He dropped his bag, and says he was hit 10 to 12 times on the shoulder and upper arms, before a bystander’s camera even started.

In the complaint, Officer Harrington and his partner said Cephus appeared drunk, and when they stopped him, he struck them with an umbrella and his fists.

“I would never do that,” Cephus said. “I would never hit an officer.”

PBA head Patrick Lynch says Cephus resisted and held onto the baton.

“What I saw was a police officer acting appropriately, using the necessary amount of force to put this person under arrest,” he said, adding it was not excessive force.

Exit question: Should we expect a Reverend Al rally in protest? In this particular case, I’m skeptical. Click the image to watch.