And also because he’s such a fearsome champion of civil rights when he’s not busy falsely accusing people of rape. What’s the most loathsome aspect here, the fact that Sharpton himself at times seems like he’s having trouble keeping a straight face or the spectacle of O’Reilly demonstrating once again that there’s no race-baiter so cretinous that he won’t happily give him a platform on the Factor? Answer: Neither. The most loathsome part is that a segment devoted to letting Sharpton, a convicted tax dodger, blame everyone but himself for his current tax problems is capped by 30 seconds of lip service paid to … personal responsibility.

Read the Post’s long but worthy chronicle from last week of his various shakedown schemes over the years. If you’re a major corporation, you might as well treat buying him off the way you would insurance premiums. Just a cost of doing business.