Out: Cheerleading team. In: Stroller-pushing! I can’t tell if he’s basing this on information he got from interviewing them or if it’s just his own pet half-assed psychological read on the situation. I’m guessing it’s the latter. A friend and I were kicking around theories yesterday and she suggested they were trying to create a quasi-family situation in which they’d all raise their kids together. Intriguing, but that would seem more plausible to me with a small, intimate group of friends. According to Time, “nearly half” of the 17 pregnant girls — actually 18 now, per the Gloucester Daily Times — were in on it. Almost as strange, if you exclude the girls who made the pact you’re still left with nine or 10 pregnancies this year, compared to three or four in the average year. Might the fact that Gloucester High offers a full-time day-care center have something to do with it? Hard to say, but: “Principal Sullivan suggested that some guidance counselors from other school districts in the region had recommended to students who are or want to become pregnant, to transfer to Gloucester through the state’s School Choice program so they could take advantage of the day-care facilities.”

The next chapter in this journey into freaky-deakiness? Statutory rape charges, let’s hope. Click the image to watch.