We’re egregiously late on this story, I know, but I wanted to build on LGF’s and MM’s posts by putting Beckel’s statements then and now side by side in a single clip. It’s no exaggeration to say that, except for Larry Johnson himself, no one on the left did more to perpetuate the Michelle Obama “whitey” nonsense then Beckel taking to the air on “Fox & Friends” a few weeks ago to say how worried he was about it. You’ll find that footage in the second half here. Do note how credulous he is, and how he takes pains to say that he’s hearing it from multiple sources, quite in contrast to his slimy, self-righteous insistence in last night’s segment that he was all about the debunkery. It’ll live forever on YouTube, Bob. Good work.

This leaves us with how many Fox News Democrats who are still watchable? KP, Juan Williams, and maybe Estrich in very small doses? Two and a half, then. Super.

Update: Sevenload’s a tiny bit glitchy for me at the moment. If you’re having problems, watch it at YouTube.