Note: This isn’t head to head with Obama, it’s a simple favorable/unfavorable rating of McCain himself. June 2007: 26/33, with 41 percent having no opinion. June 2008: 27/58, with 15 percent N/O. That’s actually less of a decline than Her Majesty, and less severe: She lost 26 points, and all of them seem to have come from the favorable column, not the no-opinioners.

I’m sitting here searching mentally for anything McCain might have said or done to alienate black voters and drawing a blank. Frankly, he tends to stay out of racial matters (“I don’t think I have to address the issue of race”), and to the extent that he involves himself, it’s to try to build bridges to the black community, however belatedly. Maybe this is the product of news circulating about how he initially opposed a holiday for MLK? Or is it just an artifact of more people getting to know him and realizing that he bears the Klannish stigma of belonging to the Republican Party?

Minor solace: His favorable rating’s actually increased a point, from 26 to 27 percent over the past year. Exit question: Is there anything any Republican can do at this point to win more than say, 15 percent of the black vote? Not against Obama, I mean, but against any generic Democratic candidate.

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