Via the Busters. It’s undoubtedly true — just like his decision to start wearing the flag pin again was personal, just like his decision to take a trip to Iraq and meet with Petraeus was personal, just like his climbdown from unconditional meetings with Iran was personal. The fact that all three coincide with the start of the general election campaign is but a happy whim of chance, much like him suddenly deciding that we needed a national conversation on race at the very moment his relationship with Wright was coming under a microscope. Behold the “new politics,” then: The same old crap with political stunts a-gogo, but adorned with half-hearted nonsense about “principle” and sheepish, shinola-eating grins like the one worn by this idiot. He actually uses the pat phrase “deeply personal” three times in about 60 seconds here, almost as if he’s trying to communicate just how scripted and insincere his talking point is. And why not? The media’s in the tank. Who’s going to call him on it?

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