The screamfest with Geraldo shall forever be the flipout against which all O’R flipouts are measured, and this one ain’t that. But it’s still pretty righteous, particularly Bill’s point near the end — echoed here by Chris Wallace — that Fox would never be allowed to get away with the sort of atomic partisan rants our pal Olbermann is routinely celebrated for by the nutroots and the halfwit press. That’s yet another component of Olbypocrisy that I neglected to mention the other night. How many “worst person in the world” segments haranguing Fox for bias, I wonder, have been immediately followed by a 17-minute “special comment” calling George Bush a Nazi? Which only makes Bernie Goldberg’s bizarre assertion near the end here that if it isn’t careful MSNBC’s going to cross the line “at some point.” At some point?

That said, I don’t see why Goldberg (or Wallace) thinks this is all going to come back and bite MSNBC in the ass. They give the left what it wants, and one nice thing you can say for Olby hosting election night coverage is that his bias is so well known that you’re able to watch with that in mind and discount accordingly. There’s no fear of some “impartial” newscaster, left or right, trying to tilt the coverage on the sly and then claiming the mantle of objectivity to call it fact. WYSIWYG.