Courtesy of ABC, Politico, and the New York Observer, which clearly intend this as some sort of tu quoque for the latest outburst from “longtime Obama friend” Michael Pfleger, whose own political opinions veer less towards praying for people to find new spiritual guidance and more towards threatening to snuff them out. Tacky, tacky business here to do it in the form of a prayer, in his clerical collar no less; he’s smirking throughout too so his aim seems, shall we say, less than pious. The irony is, Wright’s (and Pfleger’s) rhetoric is sufficiently pernicious that you can imagine a prayer like this being said in earnest, a point echoed in St. Barack’s own statements at that last press conference about the scales having fallen from his eyes about what Wright really believes. Follow the link to the Sun-Times up above and read down to the end about how “stunned” his team was to find Pfleger — Michael Pfleger — spitting the same kind of poison.

Update: Which isn’t to suggest I’m judging Pfleger. Being white, I don’t have that right.