The “joke” happened yesterday, the inevitable apology followed this morning. You’ll find both below. J$ makes the case that, viewed in context, it’s absurd to think she wishes ill on Obama: The “joke” comes in the course of knocking Hillary for her “outright lies,” her “race-baiting,” and her own moronic RFK comment from Friday touching on the “radioactive” subject of assassination. I’m giving you the whole segment so you can judge for yourself; the money quote comes at around 1:20. J$’s logic makes sense, but I honestly have no idea what she meant if she didn’t mean that.

Look on the bright side: It’s nice to see the left properly outraged at the prospect of assassination instead of treating it as a subject for entertainment. Exit nuance: The lefty site in highest dudgeon over Trotta is HuffPo, a.k.a. death-wish central.

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