The seventh-most viewed clip on all of YouTube today, doubtless on its way to greater heights as Chinese nationalists circulate it for propaganda purposes. In fairness, she does climb down a bit from her vindictive spin in holding up Tibetans’ reaction to the quake as a model, but even so, I always find these lefty variations on Falwellian cause and effect morbidly fascinating. You’ll find them in spades in comment sections whenever misfortune befalls a conservative, although naturally they’re never couched in anything as retrograde as divine retribution. It’s always something New Age-ier and more “open-minded,” like karma or, in the case of special dimwits, some hazy mind/body connection by which malignant acts “invite” malignant tumors. (There are, of course, more sophisticated versions.) How sad that not even The Enlightened are immune from superstition.

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