As the ‘Busters note, this wasn’t the only reference last night on MSNBC to Democrats having been tragically denied a rightful victory. Ace thinks Andrea Mitchell’s description of this sort of paranoia as the “realist” position is her way of saying the theory’s credible; I think “realist” is merely a reference to the people in Hillary’s camp who’ve accepted that she’s not going to win the nomination and are now resorting to nutty last-ditch arguments like this to the superdelegates. She has almost no legs left to stand on; might as well float the idea that blue states and battlegrounds are the only ones where Democrats can get a fair shake — which, insofar as it wipes away all of Obama’s red-state primary and caucus victories, is an exercise in disenfranchisement that dwarfs Florida and Michigan. Why not go the whole nine yards and accuse electoral officials in those states of having rigged the primaries so that he’d win? Sure, they’re Democrats. But the hand of Rove is everywhere, my friends.

Exit question: Note the purple lines. Why bother with nonsense claims like this when they might, conceivably, have one legitimate argument still up their sleeve?