Inspired by this morning’s New York Sun editorial, arguing that the surest way to put Maverick over the top in battleground states is to add a Democratic apostate to the ticket. Yes, he’s excellent on the war and always delivers a tender cut of red meat when opining on his own party, but do we really want a guy who voted no on Alito one 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency? If we’re willing to tolerate a pro-choice VP, toss Ridge on there and pick up Pennsylvania.

Even so, I’m intrigued by this as a test of right-wing blog readers — not their admiration of Liebs, necessarily, but of their abiding antipathy to Huck. How’s about it, HA commenters? Imagine Maverick’s shortlist is down to two; either one’s going to piss off a lot of people. Let’s see, in our own highly unscientific way, who’ll piss off more.

Update: Whoops, last poll was broken. Sorry for the hassle. Please re-vote!