Er, no, she is not, despite what the good folks at Suffolk might tell you. In fact, Obama may have already won the state. Lest you despair at the news, though, have a look at the breakdowns in hypothetical McCain/Hillary and McCain/Obama match-ups as predicted by Karl Rove’s firm. (The PDFs are here.) We’re talking about a swing of no less than 60 electoral votes — although, counterintuitively, Maverick ends up winning Missouri against Obama and in a toss-up with Hillary even though Obama edged Hillary in the primary. Oh, those bitter, clingy, disgruntled McCainocrat Hillary supporters. The big difference between the two, though? Florida, which Clinton wins outright if she’s the nominee and McCain wins if she isn’t. Can we steal enough of the Latino vote to win, even after shutting down shamnesty last year? Si se puede!

Obama’s apparently canceled his plan to declare victory tomorrow night to avoid pissing off Her Majesty’s supporters, but despite her declaration that this is “nowhere near over,” alas, it assuredly is. Exit question: What’s left to do, except offer million-dollar bribes?