I posted a different trailer last year, but the game finally drops Monday in North America so an update seemed appropriate. The boss has already pre-ordered and Time gives it a rave review, although I’m suspicious of how fun any game can be if a sentence like this can be written about it: “The hardest part, I quickly discovered, was simply standing or crouching still for increasingly long periods of time.” Hey — 1.794 million Japanese can’t be wrong.

My only question: How, um … masculine is this game? It looks like a Nintendo version of Pilates, sufficiently so that my first thought when I saw that poor bastard doing a push-up on the Fit board was Vito Corleone slapping Johnny Fontaine in The Godfather: “You can act like a man!” Can you play it seated in an easy chair, a Newcastle in hand and the board at your feet? I guess that’s good enough, then.