A palate cleanser dirtier on a slow news day from a guy on the outer periphery of the Wright scandal but interesting enough in his own right to warrant a clip (and a photo on Obama’s endorsement page, natch). No less an Obama acolyte than Sullivan pronounced the Messiah’s cautious answer on Farrakhan to Tim Russert in February his “worst moment in any debate since this campaign started.” That turned out to be a sneak preview of how he’d handle the Wright scandal a few weeks later, criticizing certain statements while being careful not to go after the man himself. Contrast that approach with Michael “Hide like a rat” Pfleger’s here, lumping the two of them in with Medgar Evers, of all people, as glorious martyrs to the cause of civil rights. No wonder Wright chose his church, duly honored by Farrakhan with an appearance last year, to reemerge.

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