How confident are Dean-o and company that Obama’s going to be the nominee? Confident enough to launch an attack on Maverick for trying to have it both ways on Iraq, notwithstanding the fact that Her Majesty is the most notoriously egregious hypocrite in the Senate on that point. Note the almost uniformly old dates and suspicious truncation of the soundbites; if this is supposed to prove that John “I’d rather lose an election than a war” McCain is some sort of opportunist whose views have evolved with public discontent then it fails miserably, but for the majority of voters who only take a passing interest in matters like this it’s probably an eye-opener. The RNC response fact sheet is impressively long, detailed, and borderline unreadable, which the Dems doubtless are counting on to make nonsense like this stick. It’s the flipside of Obama’s racial meltdown, if you subtract the Messiah’s dishonesty: A 40-minute speech is fine, but compared to a 10-second soundbite of a guy getting his rocks off over Osama’s chickens coming home to roost? No contest.

If you guys want to demonstrate that McCain’s a phony and peel away a few votes from the base, why not an ad on this? It’ll be received warmly in most of the right-wing blogosphere, I assure you. Click the image to watch.


Update: From the comments, an oldie but goodie. It’s soundbite jamboree!