We’re looking at a slow, Spitzery news day this afternoon so here’s something to play with. Remember this post, written one year ago almost to the day about a deal among the major networks to launch their own competitor to YouTube? They’ve done it; the site, Hulu, debuts today. Poke around and see what they’ve got cooking. The major partners right now are NBC and News Corp., i.e. Fox, but they’re working on deals with Warner Bros., the NBA, and the NHL, among others. I won’t bore you with yet another rehash of where this is all heading, especially since RedLasso’s already nine-tenths of the way there, but it’ll be interesting to watch the jockeying going forward between Hulu, the content providers’ site, YouTube, the content users’ site, and RL, which is sort of a mix of the two.

According to B&C, Hulu’s content inventory has quadrupled in the four months since the beta launched five months ago. Some of it’s very thin and weak. Some of it … not so much.