Remember him? A blogosphere cause celebre last summer and the occasion for one of Hitchens’s finer moments on television opposite CAIR tool Ibrahim Hooper, who had the elephant stones to assert putting a book in a toilet is an “act of intimidation” in a world where Geert Wilders has to worry constantly about having his throat slit for making a movie. If the sentence sounds excessive to you, keep it in perspective: Kerplunking two Korans into the porcelain goddess of some Pace University restroom is, conceivably, an offense worth two to eight in the state pen. Unless they’re your Korans, of course, in which case kerplunk away. Or rather, don’t — hate-crime rules are getting grayer every day, especially north of the border. Who knows if there even needs to be an underlying property offense anymore to justify a prosecution?

Anyway, message received.

A former Pace University student who twice threw copies of the Koran into a toilet at the school after disputes with Muslims pleaded guilty Monday to disorderly conduct in connection with the incidents.

Stanislav Shmulevich, 24, pleaded guilty as part of a deal in which he must do 300 hours of community service. He has completed about 80 hours of the service at a hospital, his lawyer said…

Detective Faisal Khan, who prepared the complaint, said Shmulevich told him “he committed the acts out of anger toward a group of Muslim students with whom he had a recent disagreement.”…

His lawyer, Glenn Morak, said he believed the disorderly conduct plea was an appropriate disposition.

“There was no hate crime here,” Morak said. “He accepts responsibility, and he is repentant.”

Exit question: Assume his community service labor is worth the minimum wage. A de facto $1,755 fine for dunking two books in water?

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