Part two of his interview with Shire Network News, starting at around 10:00 of the podcast in the right-hand sidebar. How’d the blogosphere beat the Star Chamber? Well, it hasn’t yet, but the more people watch those now infamous clips of his Orwellian tete-a-tete with the “human rights” Torquemada and kick in to his PayPal account, the more willing and able he is to countersue their asses up to the Canadian Supreme Court. If you can spare a few bucks — and he’s only asking for a very few — do your free-speech duty and hit the button. The money’s not just being used for himself, as you’ll shortly hear in what he has to say about defending Canadian bloggers from people like Warren Kinsella, but he’s the one shining a light on this travesty so it stands to reason he’ll be targeted again going forward. And sure enough.

Update: If the PayPal link isn’t working for you, try it in the sidebar here.