8 p.m. on CNN. All that stands between us and a guy capable of raising more than $2 million a day is this horrible, feeble loser. I asked you before but I’ll ask you again: Is there anything left in that bottomless bag o’ Clintonian tricks? She’s not actually going to go out there and drone about “experience” for the 20th debate in a row, is she? Dear lord, Hillary, at least give us a meltdown to remember you by.

If she complies, there’ll be video here later. In the meantime, take heart from this. It’s the storied Buffenbarger bootleg — the longest sustained evisceration of the Messiah yet on record. Pretty dull, but with a little coaching from BJ our gal could package it just right for the TV audience. Watch the first minute, then skip ahead to 8:00 or so and stick with it for another 90 seconds. Eye of the tiger, baby.