You know how most campaign ads have a shelf life of a day or two? Yeah, um … this one may be around for awhile.

She said she’d do whatever it takes to defeat him, and now here she is. I checked the domain registration for the “Huckabee Facts” URL listed in the clip, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s private. Note the conspicuously bipartisan blogroll too. Hmmmmm.

Update: A good question from “RW Wacko” in the comments. Why didn’t they mention Huck’s overall clemency numbers? It’s a lot easier to watch this and shrug it off as one bad decision if you don’t know his record.

Update: Who’s behind the ad? Keith Emis, a 29-year-old political aide from Arkansas. He’s a Republican, says he’s not supporting anyone in the campaign.

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