First the cops are absolved of blame, now this. He does understand that one’s status as a bona fide nutroots truth-to-power martyr depends on never, ever apologizing, right?

Let’s see if we can guess why he’s suddenly so conciliatory.

A University of Florida student who was filmed being shocked by police with a Taser stun gun after persistently questioning Sen. John Kerry will not face criminal charges and has apologized for his actions, his attorney said Tuesday…

“I made the decision to supersede the rules, and for that I apologize,” Meyer wrote. “I should have acted calmer and obeyed the directives of the officers. If I had, none of the subsequent issues would ever have arisen.”…

University police had recommended Meyer be charged with resisting arrest with violence, a felony, and disturbing the peace and interfering with school administrative functions, a misdemeanor.

His lawyer’s set up a website devoted to the case, even though there no longer appears to be a case to speak of. You’ll find Meyer’s letters to the U of F community, the university’s president, and the police department in the sidebar. At least read that last one; I haven’t seen crap-eating like that since Ron Burgundy dined on dog chips in “Anchorman.”

Update: One more time, to remember him by.

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