One of five, count ’em five, new ads in New Hampshire he’s planning on rolling out. A commenter in the Alex Jones thread wondered why I’d waste a post on a kook polling in the single digits. Answer: Because that kook’s flush with cash, thanks to a third quarter that saw him rake in five times what social-con darling and new “first-tier” candidate Mike Huckabee pulled. Paul’s not winning jack but he’s ahead of Huckabee and even Fred in one NH poll; a good showing there in a state famous for its fondness for political eccentrics could push him further towards a third-party run. He’s denied a thousand times that he’ll go independent — but do please note the nuance that’s crept into those denials of late. The guy is fringe because his supporters believe in fringey things, not because he wants for supporters.

Interesting how the very first words offered in support of him here are, “Well, I don’t always agree with Ron Paul.” The man knows a protest vote when he sees it. Exit question: Granted, his budget isn’t as big as Mitt’s, but can’t he get better actors than this?