Yeah, that jackass. He’s got a new post up and it seems everyone’s favorite part is different. DrewM’s favorite part is where he claims he was just trying to do his job, which would be true if his job consisted of retrieving his car from parking spots. My favorite part is this:

Consider this my apology.

Overwhelmed by the e-mails, many of them vitriolic, I initially edited the post, then blocked further comments. Finally, I took down the site. Unfortunately, my actions were yet another faux pas, I was told; I should have left up the post and created a new one to share my reactions and issue an apology.

In other words, his instinct is to hide evidence of his own wrongdoing and only when he’s informed by outside parties that this might be improper does he think better of it. Our media at work.

The typo in the post headline is just gravy.