LGF has it. You can spin this a lot of ways: she was there for a good cause, which mitigates the propaganda value of the photos to Islamist misogynists; it appears they surprised her with it as a gift, which left her little choice but to wear it out of simple politeness; and while Pelosi donned the scarf during a visit to an enemy state, the Kingdom, god help us, is something of an ally at the moment against Iran.

Any of that make you feel better?

“The veil is to show that women are responsible for the sexual self-control of men.”Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Update: The nutrootsiest blog o’ them all, linking to an old Hot Air post, wonders if the right will have the same problem with Laura Bush’s hijab as Nancy Pelosi’s. Their post is timestamped 3:30, 40 minutes after I posted this one. Which proves they didn’t even check this site (or LGF) before publishing.

Update: Debbie Schlussel makes a nice catch. Here’s what Laura Bush’s spokeswoman said before the trip:

“They do not expect nor encourage it,” of Western visitors at official meetings, said Bush’s spokeswoman, Sally McDonough. “As members of the official traveling party, we will not need to wear any head scarves or abayas at any point”

I think the fact that they surprised her with it as a gift is what forced her hand.