Just a little extra gloss to Limbaugh’s comments on Fox & Friends this morning. I’m trying to think of a right-wing analog to this but there’s really no “Soros niche” on our side, is there? Once upon a time Richard Mellon Scaife might have qualified but no more. Pat Robertson or James Dobson might evoke the same visceral reaction among liberals as Soros does among conservatives, but when push comes to shove they’re just two among a galaxy of evangelical leaders. Soros is a singular presence.

Anyway, remember: he may be of the far left but she’s, ahem, a centrist. They just hang out together sometimes, like during momentous elections. Repeat that to yourself the next time you get a little panicky at the thought of him somewhere on the dais on Inauguration Day.

FYI, she’s plucked another idea from her pile of a million or so that the country can’t afford, but good news: we can afford this one. All we have to do is have Congress scale back tax shelters and make sure that the cost doesn’t wildly exceed her estimate. What could go wrong?