I sure am. They’re going to give it to him eventually; let’s just get it over with so that I can stop writing the same dumb post every six months or so.

Serious question about the Goracle: should we hope that he jumps in to challenge Hillary? The bigger her lead gets the less inclined he’ll be to do it lest he descend from Mt. Sinai only to find that she’s already got 51% locked up. But he’ll have big Mo if he wins the Nobel and there are already movements afoot to draft him. There’s also reportedly no love lost between him and the Glacier, so he might take it at his chance to finally eclipse the Clintons. What I can’t decide is whether a bruising primary fight between the two of them would be good or bad for conservatives. It’ll force Hillary to tack further left, which will give us more ammo for the general, but it’ll also help her sharpen her game when she might otherwise be inclined to sleepwalk for awhile. Exit question: Should he get in or not?

While you mull that, here’s what Junk Science has had to resort to by way of getting him to debate global warming. The Heartland Institute isn’t having any luck, either. I’d love to see Newt challenge him, if only for the marquee value, but they’d probably end up agreeing more often than not.

Update: See, here’s why I’m hoping that he does jump in. It’ll set up a pissing match between him and Billy Jeff to decide, once and for all, which of them is the true global Messiah.