On the one hand, it’s a perfect YouTubean storm of idiocy, paranoia, and mindless antipathy towards Fox News.

On the other hand, it does explain Geraldo.

HOLY SH*T!…YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS…i TOOK THE VIDEO FROM THE FOX NEWS WEBSITE AND UPLOADED IT AND HE’S F***IN REPTILIAN NOW…so obviously HE SAW SOMETHING THAT NO ONE ELSE DID…HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I CHALENGE ANYONE…TAKE THE .FLV FILE FROM THE FOX STATION…(special thanks to the Keen eye of CanadianVandal)…it appears the little girl is reptilian also…it makes sense that this is how they do the news…to scare us so they can feed off our fear…they “stage” these events in order to create chaos…and make us afraid of the police and just keep us in constant fear…that seems to be their main thing right now…is to scare everyone to thinking the police are bad…when in fact they are the ones that are scared of being arrested…if you watch the news or read the paper for more than 5 minutes you will see its all to keep us in fear…they feed off our “fear energy”….

The excerpt for the second clip is calmer, thankfully: “Robert is not a shape shifter. There is a difference. He’s a reptilian projecting the image of a human. Somehow cameras have been picking up the fequency that allows us to see. But there have been other reports that the reptilians are having trouble holding there shape as of late.”

Is News Corp’s success a devious ruse by a race of alien supermen bent on enslaving us a la “V” or “They Live”? Or is this just a video compression glitch? Tune in to the Factor tonight as Bill’s body language expert reveals the secret “messages” in shapeshifting.

Update: In the final chapter, Keith Olbermann leads a ragtag band of DNC operatives against the lizard conquerors. And is summarily crushed.

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