Shock video: The great train robbery

Shock video: The great train robbery

I hate to tell you, but that “delayed” package you’ve been waiting for might not be delayed due to supply-chain problems.

In fact, it might not be “delayed” at all.

These videos from journalist John Schreiber made waves overnight even though the phenomenon he’s reporting on isn’t brand new. Schreiber’s based in California, the smash-and-grab capital of America, and got a tip that looting of cargo trains is so rampant in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of L.A. that you can stroll down to the tracks and see the evidence for yourself. So he did.

The tip was correct. Boy, was it ever.

That’s the residue of a mere 30 days or so of robbery. CBSLA reports that Union Pacific had a team down there on December 11 to clean up the tracks. Part of the problem is trains grinding to a halt in the neighborhood due to traffic ahead, making them easy pickings for robbers lying in wait. The other part is that, for whatever reason, the goods aren’t very well secured. Quote: “Sources told CBSLA that the locks Union Pacific uses are easy to cut…”

Maybe it’s time for Wells Fargo to get back in the stagecoach-protection business? A lot of Americans are out of work and looking to change careers for something more … exciting.

As I say, the media has noticed the train robberies before. Back in early November, NBC aired a segment on cargo theft focusing on the same stretch of tracks in L.A., even catching thieves in the act. A few weeks later the local affiliate went back to the tracks and sifted through some of the abandoned goods, contacting the senders or would-be recipients to get their reaction to what was found. Lotta strong “America is falling apart at the seams” vibes from this clip and the ones above, although we shouldn’t overreact. It might not be the country that’s falling apart. Just California.

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