Surprise: The kids in that weird Kamala Harris video about space were actors

Via the Examiner. It makes me laugh that the people behind this were so nervous that a group of kids might not respond well to Harris yammering at them that they went out and hired professionals.


Put a group of random students from a D.C. science class in front of her and who knows how many glum stares or cringy giggles she might draw. But put a group of child actors in front of her and suddenly it’s the funnest day anyone’s ever had at the observatory.

Not the scandal of the century here, but knowing that the kids were contractually obliged to respond well to her sort of defeats the purpose of this “look at our relatable vice president charming the hell out of these youngsters” PR clip.

A Monterey teen actor is featured in a new YouTube kid Special about space and science. The YouTube Original special, Get Curious With Vice President Kamala Harris, was released during World Space Week…

The special featured five teens from across the country, including the Central Coast. The teens are actors who auditioned for their spots. Trevor Bernardino is a 13-year-old freshman at York School in Monterey, he’s also a space enthusiast. He said he had to send in a monologue of him talking about something he’s passionate about, and three questions he would ask a world leader. The next step was for Trevor to interview the director of the production so they could get an insight into Trevor’s interviewing skills.

“Then after that, like a week later my agent called me and was like ‘Hey Trevor you booked it,'” Trevor Bernardino said.


Bernardino wasn’t told who he’d be co-starring with when he got the gig, only that he’d be interviewing someone important. Imagine his disappointment.

No, just kidding. He told the local paper that he was thrilled beyond words, that “she is super charismatic. She’s everything that I ever thought of her, plus more.” Of course, he has to say that if he wants to be in Get Curious 2.

At least we have an answer to the question Republicans are always asking, though: Isn’t Harris supposed to be at the border? Where is she? Turns out she’s hanging with a group of tweens, seemingly stoned out of her mind:

They needed child actors because everyday kids would have been giving each other “WTF?” side-eyes during that monologue.

This isn’t the only story on the wires this evening about a Democratic political production going the extra mile to keep things copacetic. A more sinister example is liberal lion Samantha Bee giving the kid-gloves treatment to lowlife ex-governor Andrew Cuomo because doing otherwise would have taken her progressive audience out of its happy place:

“So it’s not like — I was not a Cuomosexual, particularly,” Bee said. “And there were many, many times, actually, during the pandemic, where we had big, you know, show-wide conversations about, how do we handle Cuomo? Because he’s super problematic. But the story about him out in the world was like, he’s a hero. And he’s the only person speaking about the pandemic in a fatherly way. And he is our dad and whatever.”

“And so it felt [like] a place where it wasn’t quite the time to be like, hey, just like, check it out, he’s actually an a**hole,” she continued. “We felt like we would just miss completely with our audience. And people weren’t really there to hear that at that moment, so —”


What a gutless display by a self-styled teller of unpleasant truths. Luckily, righty media never looks the other way at bad behavior by its political heroes.

Here’s the full Harris video which was produced by a company called … Sinking Ship Entertainment. I kid you not.

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