Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This morning’s Sunday shows bring us not one but two disgruntled alumnae of the Trump administration with books to hawk and warnings to deliver about you-know-who. Former press secretary Stephanie Grisham will continue her apology tour on “Meet the Press,” where she’ll elaborate on needing to be “deprogrammed” after leaving the administration. And former advisor Fiona Hill will chat with “Face the Nation” about her misgivings over Trump’s foreign policy and Trumpism generally. Grisham says she’s “terrified” at the thought of him possibly winning a second term; Hill says it would be the end of American democracy if he did. Perfectly standard stuff for ex-officials to say about a president whom they observed closely.

The brinksmanship over the debt ceiling is also on tap this morning. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will remind “This Week” viewers that defaulting on our debt payments would be tantamount to dropping an atomic bomb on the U.S. economy. And Mary Daly, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, will beg Schumer and McConnell on “Face the Nation” to figure something out before December so that we don’t stumble into yet another completely avoidable crisis. Yellen and Daly will also be asked about “minting the coin,” an option they’ll rule out publicly so as to keep the pressure on Congress while privately reserving as a last-gasp option to prevent default.

Elsewhere, former Sunday-show mainstay Adam Schiff is back in action today to discuss the coming court battle between the January 6 committee and subpoenaed witnesses like Steve Bannon. He’s set for “Face the Nation.” And Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe will try to avoid insulting parents for the third time recently when he sits down with “State of the Union.” The full line-up is at the AP.

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