The weirdest moment in the history of "The View"

The weirdest moment in the history of "The View"

Has to be the weirdest in the past 10 years, at least.

If you go back further than that, you run into Rosie O’Donnell mumbling about 9/11 and how fire can’t melt steel. That’s stiff competition.

But I don’t know. Having two hosts test positive for COVID mid-show

…minutes before the vice president of the United States enters the room…

…is weird even by “The View” standards:

Just spitballing, but maybe you should test the cast and crew when they arrive at the studio in the morning, not 15 minutes before they interview the vice president. That way they’re not mixing with colleagues behind the scenes all morning, spreading that ‘rona to everyone. And it probably *is* an outbreak at work that got Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, right? It’d be some coincidence if they each tested positive on the same day after having contracted the virus elsewhere.

Poor Joy Behar, who’s 78 years old and doubtless feeling some anxiety right now.

I’m curious to see if Hostin or Navarro has symptoms. One theory about breakthrough infections is that they’re happening much more commonly than anyone realizes and typically produce asymptomatic cases that go undetected because the infected person never has reason to get tested. Hostin and Navarro were probably tested today as a matter of routine, either because “The View” is testing employees regularly or because they took an extra precaution knowing that Kamala Harris would be in the building. If they end up asymptomatic, that’s a further bit of anecdotal evidence that the vaxxed may be shaking off infection on average with fewer difficulties than we might think.

Harris was supposed to join them at the table in the studio. Once the positive tests came back, she was hurriedly re-routed to a separate room and did the interview “remotely” from within the building.

The VP thought she’d finally have a day away from the chaos surrounding infrastructure negotiations and the chaos unfolding at the border in Del Rio, only to walk into a COVID outbreak happening in real time. On live television.

She managed to stay on-message in the interview that followed, though, emulating Biden’s overwrought demagoguery about the Border Patrol chasing Haitian migrants on horseback. Initially the left was scandalized at a photo of one BP agent supposedly using a whip against a migrant; then it turned out that there were no whips, so to save face now they have pretend to be scandalized by law enforcement riding horses instead. I’ll leave you with Harris doing her furrowed-brow best to feign concern.

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