"You're a bad American": Male Karen stalks woman in Target for not wearing a mask

What’s the proper term for a male Karen? A “Kevin”?

I don’t think it works. Nothing communicates the type of behavior you’re about to see as clearly and efficiently as “male Karen.”

Last year, if a clip about a COVID-themed encounter in a chain store went viral, it was a cinch that it involved some anti-masker getting in the face of an employee who was bound by store policy not to let them in. This year, in the age of vaccination, viral fare is harder to predict. The “anti-maskers gone wild” genre still exists but there are others now. For instance, there’s the “unvaxxed guy freaks out over vaccine passports” clip:

And then there’s the repellent busybody in the clip below, who’s masked *and* vaccinated by his own account, harassing an unmasked woman in Target as she tries to shop in peace. (She has natural immunity, she assures him.)

It’s not clear when it was recorded but some vaccinated people seem to be more prone lately to go too far in pressuring holdouts due to their exasperation over rising case counts and deaths from Delta. The ultimate example is Biden’s probably illegal federal vaccine mandate, which he introduced during a speech in which he all but declared war on the unvaccinated. But there are other examples, from the micro level…

…to the macro:

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County announced that later this week, a new health order will be put in place that requires proof of vaccination for indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges. The order will also require that individuals provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result for any outdoor sporting or entertainment events including the Dodgers, Rams, and Chargers games…

In April, Los Angeles County mandated masks for outdoor events with more than 10,000 people in attendance. The updated order will require all attendees, employees, and other parties at outdoor events to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result within 72 hours of a scheduled event.

You need to be vaccinated as a matter of county policy to attend an *outdoor* event? When there’s already a mandate in effect requiring attendees to mask up?

It’s fine to put some pressure on the unvaxxed to do the right thing for themselves and for those around them but there are some levers that can’t be pulled. You can’t require proof of vaccination at supermarkets, to take one obvious example. People need to eat. And you can’t follow someone around, menacing them because they refuse to explain their choices to your satisfaction, needless to say. This guy should have been kicked out of the store at a minimum. If the woman’s husband had shown up and knocked him out, no jury would have convicted.

Exit question: If he’s worried about being infected by her, why doesn’t he avoid her?

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