Sunday morning talking heads

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

In Democratic fantasies, this week’s Sunday shows would be devoted to Biden’s glorious victory upon passage of the bipartisan Senate infrastructure bill. In reality, that news has been completely overtaken by sh*tshows on multiple fronts. The top story is Afghanistan’s shockingly rapid collapse amid a Taliban onslaught, with all signs pointing to the jihadis conquering Kabul before the week — or the day — is out. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will sit down with “This Week” and “Meet the Press” to explain how he and Biden got things so badly wrong in predicting a long battle for control of the country following the departure of U.S. troops. He’ll be followed on “This Week” by Liz Cheney, an ardent hawk and harsh critic of withdrawal. For once, Cheney is booked on Sunday morning chiefly to talk about her problems with Biden rather than with Trump.

Chiefly, but not entirely:

Mike Pompeo, Blinken’s predecessor at the State Department will drop by “Fox News Sunday” to explain why a Trump-directed withdrawal would have gone more smoothly than Biden’s has.

Elsewhere, the COVID wave that’s washing over America’s south will be the prime topic of conversation for — who else? — Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins. Fauci will be on “Face the Nation” while Collins will chat with “Fox News Sunday” about the outlook for hard-hit states like Florida, when we should expect Delta to start slamming the northern U.S., and the timetable on boosters for senior citizens. Steve Scalise, who was vaccinated only recently, will follow Fauci on “Face the Nation” to discuss the situation on the ground in his home state of Louisiana, where the health-care system is approaching “major failure.”

Finally, New York’s new governor-in-waiting, Kathy Hochul, will talk with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” about her plans to de-Cuomo-fy the state’s political system. The full line-up is at the AP.