America's new wrestling gold medalist overjoyed: "I'm so happy I get to represent USA"

Via the Right Scoop, watching this I felt like the Grinch watching the Whos celebrate Christmas. My shrunken cynical heart grew three sizes after absorbing the patriotic exuberance Tamyra Mensah-Stock was radiating.


Although it should be noted that she’s from Texas. I’m pretty sure all Texans are like this.

At least outside of Austin.

She won gold comfortably this morning in Tokyo, dominating her Nigerian opponent, but her personality got as much attention from reporters this week as her wrestling skills did. “Every sentence she uttered seemed to end with a laugh or an exclamation,” Yahoo News said after she won her semifinal match, noting that she’d brought a karaoke machine with her to Tokyo. She was so anxious before today’s match that she allegedly didn’t sleep last night, telling her coaches during the tournament, “I’m nervous. I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m freakin’ out here. Help me. I’m freaking out.”

But she seems to have enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the aftermath of today’s win:

“I wanted to give my mom $30,000 so she can get a food truck, ‘cause it’s her dream,” she said. “And I told her five years ago, ‘Alright mommy, I’ll get you your food truck, but you gotta be responsible.

“So my mom’s gettin’ her food truck!” she trilled, dancing side to side in her news conference chair. “She’s gonna have her little cooking business. She can cook really, really, really well. Barbecue!”

Which, she then said, “I don’t eat it ‘cause I’m a pescatarian now.” She snorted with laughter.


Not eating barbecue is one way in which she’s not an everyday Texan, of course.

That, and the gold medal.

You’ll enjoy every second of this, the feelgood moment of the Games so far. I hope she gets a little time on the TV circuit afterward, as golden girls deserve.

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