Sunday morning talking heads

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

This morning’s Sunday shows will bring a national audience to the self-described “face of the new Democratic Party,” former cop and New York’s all-but-certain next mayor, Eric Adams. Topics A, B, and C will be crime, crime, and crime, respectively, as that’s the issue that put him over the top in a Dem primary in AOC’s hometown, supposedly a progressive haven. Adams will chat with “This Week” and “State of the Union” about how calls to defund the police are a political dead end for his party.

The other top guest is — who else? — Anthony Fauci, probably the worst possible vaccine salesman at this point for an administration hoping to reach the country’s many Republican holdouts. He’ll be on “This Week,” “Face the Nation,” and “State of the Union” to discuss the CDC’s surprisingly reasonable new guidance on reopening schools and to beg the remaining persuadable unvaccinated Americans to go get their shots ASAP before the Delta variant spreads any further. He’ll also be pressed about Biden’s plan to send local officials door to door in areas with low vaccination rates to offer the shot to people, a subject on which it’s hard to imagine his comments doing more good than harm.

Finally, the White House will deploy two of its top natsec spokesman to try to spin the looming debacle in Afghanistan as the U.S. finally departs. “Meet the Press” will host National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and “Fox News Sunday” will talk to Pentagon press secretary John Kirby about the Taliban rampaging across the countryside en route to its eventual destination in Kabul. What’s the plan for keeping Afghanistan off limits to jihadis once the jihadis are back in control and the U.S. loses most of its ability to conduct intelligence on the ground? The full line-up is at the LA Times.