Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rejoice and give thanks, for American TV viewers are blessed this morning with a visit to the Sunday shows from none other than His Royal Majesty, King Joseph of Appalachia. The man who now sets U.S. domestic policy by decree will sit down with “This Week” to discuss the impending trainwreck of infrastructure negotiations caused by Nancy Pelosi and that other guy named Joe. Biden and Pelosi put Manchin in a jam a few days ago, insisting that they won’t pass a bipartisan roads-and-bridges bill until the Senate passes a “human infrastructure” reconciliation bill as well. Embarrassed by that ultimatum, some Senate Republicans responded by saying they won’t back the bipartisan bill unless Manchin promises that he’ll block reconciliation for the “human infrastructure” bill.

King Joe’s going to have to choose between angering progressives and angering conservatives (as usual). Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

The fate of infrastructure in the Senate is also a hot topic for other guests this morning. Rob Portman and Bill Cassidy, both Republican members of the “gang” that’s been negotiating with Biden, will chat with “This Week” and “Meet the Press,” respectively, about where negotiations go from here. Senior Biden advisor Cedric Richmond will speak with “State of the Union,” “Face the Nation,” and “Fox News Sunday” about whether the president means it when he says he won’t sign the bipartisan bill unless and until a reconciliation bill passes too. And Mitt Romney, another Republican member of the “gang,” will follow Richmond on “State of the Union” to share his views on the prospect of a deal getting done and what he thinks of Trump returning to the campaign trail this weekend.

Finally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will appear on “Meet the Press” to remind Biden and Manchin that they need progressive votes to pass infrastructure through the House. If Manchin bows to GOP demands to cancel the “human infrastructure” component of the package, the Squad is going to sink the bipartisan bill and Congress will be back to square one. The full line-up is at Politico.