Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

The unmasking of America is the top story on the Sunday shows as CDC chief Rochelle Walensky does the rounds to explain this week’s shocking relaxation of her agency’s COVID guidance. She’ll be on “This Week,” “Meet the Press,” “State of the Union,” and “Fox News Sunday” to describe what led her team to shift seemingly overnight from excessive caution about easing restrictions to throwing caution to the wind and encouraging vaccinated people to drop their masks. Many public-health experts have raised an eyebrow at that, wondering why the CDC didn’t wait until case counts were lower and vaccination rates were higher. Expect Walensky to be challenged on those points.

Meanwhile, Liz Cheney continues her anti-Trump media tour, which is really more of a revenge tour aimed at Kevin McCarthy and the GOP caucus. She’ll sit down with “This Week” and “Fox News Sunday” to shame McCarthy and her colleagues anew for looking the other way at Trump’s ongoing allegations that the election was rigged against him. She’ll have back-up from anti-Trumper Adam Kinzinger, who’ll chat with “Meet the Press” about her ouster, and possibly from Fred Upton and Joni Ernst. Upton was one of the nine House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January; he’ll be on “State of the Union” to discuss the Cheney saga. And Ernst dubiously claimed a few days ago that Cheney was a victim of cancel culture. She’ll elaborate on that with “Face the Nation.”

Finally, former U.S. cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs will be on “Face the Nation” to discuss the deathless myths about hacked voting machines last fall and the ominous ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline this past week. The full line-up is at the AP.