The Army "lesbian wedding" recruitment ad

They’re not recruiting soldiers to hold lesbian weddings, to be clear. They’re recruiting people who’ve attended lesbian weddings to become soldiers.

They’re woke but they’re not that woke.

I find this ad less comically politically correct than the infamous “woke CIA” ad that made waves last week. That one was larded up with progressive identity jargon: “I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cis-gendered Millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional.” On and on in that vein it went, reducing the CIA’s mission to an afterthought in the employee’s quest for self-actualization. This one is a more straightforward story of a recruit who grew up with gay parents, was taken to pride parades as a kid, and later found her calling in the Army. If we’re going to let gay Americans enlist (or, in this case, the children of gay Americans), it stands to reason that the military would want to signal from time to time that it understands their experiences and that they’re welcome, right?

The weird part isn’t the wokeness, it’s the animation. If this soldier had told her story straight to the camera, it’d be unremarkable if unusual. Instead the Pentagon turned it into a cartoon. They did the same thing for several other soldiers they showcased as part of their “diversity” pitch, but you don’t expect to click on an Army recruitment ad and be treated to a Disneyfied rendition of a lesbian wedding.

All that’s missing is an animated songbird landing on her shoulder and chirping at her. “What’s that, my little friend? I should join America’s war machine?”

Exit question for veterans: Don’t college grads enter the service as officers when they enlist? Why is she a corporal?