Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

A slow-ish Sunday show slate this morning is partly redeemed by the inclusion of two Washington A-listers. “State of the Union” nabs the biggest name as Kamala Harris sits down with Jake Tapper to discuss … everything, presumably. Will the White House compromise with Republicans on infrastructure or go it alone (again) via reconciliation? Will the U.S. start dishing out surplus doses to other countries as demand for the vaccines declines here and anti-American sentiment rises abroad? Is she planning to take a trip to the border soon and see for herself what conditions are like for unaccompanied minors? She’s supposed to be leading the crisis response, isn’t she?

Elsewhere, “Fox News Sunday” will chat with GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy about his recent effort to censure Maxine Waters for having encouraged protesters to be “more confrontational” if Derek Chauvin were acquitted. He’ll also be asked about the challenge of herding cats in his own caucus, from Matt Gaetz’s legal troubles to Liz Cheney continuing to speak out against Trump to the abortive effort to form an “American First caucus” dedicated to “Anglo-Saxon political traditions.” Fun fact: According to WaPo, McCarthy and Cheney haven’t appeared together in public since March 11. I’m guessing that’s not a coincidence, as McCarthy is eager to keep Trump’s favor and knows that joint events with Cheney don’t aid that.

Finally, Anthony Fauci will be on “This Week” to remind the newly vaccinated that they’re still not perfectly safe and should probably go on wearing masks forever, or at least until we’re at a few thousand cases per day nationally, which might never happen. Hopefully he’ll also be pressed about whether the U.S. should share the vaccine wealth with other countries now that uptake here has begun to fade, as Biden might need a nudge from his top expert to come around to that position. The full line-up is at the AP.