New video of the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting

I take it this is the surveillance video that was recorded by a security camera mounted on a neighbor’s home, which I mentioned in this post earlier. A different neighbor told a local paper that Bryant was in “full attack mode” in the seconds before she was fatally shot.

Watch this clip and you’ll see what he meant. She’s out of control.

Her arm is drawn all the way back when the cop fires, poised to put as much force as possible behind the blade. She’s less than a second away from gutting the girl in pink.

Matt Walsh heard the words “I’m gonna stab the f*** out of you, b*tch.” That’s what it sounds like to me too, at 13 seconds in. I count six seconds between the moment Bryant started to rush people and the moment the cop started firing as the knife was about to come down on the pink lady.

Nevertheless, some progressives continue to insist that this killing was unjustified because Bryant was a minor:

If only we lived in a country where police were taught restraint and allowed teenagers to engage in harmless knife-play. Just ask Joy Reid:

Has anyone in the media actually watched the bodycam footage of this shooting, which has now been available for more than a day? What the hell is Reid doing babbling about fights with pen knives in high schools? Bryant looked like she was ready to disembowel her target. And that’s been clear from the moment the cops released the video.

This isn’t ignorance. It’s willful blindness in service to a racial narrative that must be serviced.

I’ll leave you with this take from a well-known expert in knife attacks and the police response to them. When the Juice is on the side of the cops, you know that Bryant went too far.