New hot take on the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting: We don't need cops to intervene when kids are fighting with knives

There’s only one website in the world where you’ll find “respectable” people arguing that cops should let kids assault each other with deadly weapons.

Even so, I’ve gotta say: I was not prepared for the emergence of “what’s wrong with letting teenagers stab each other?” Twitter.

Bree Newsome is a filmmaker and activist with a following on the platform of nearly half a million people. This was her contribution to The Discourse surrounding the killing of Ma’Khia Bryant by police yesterday in Columbus.

“Who cares what some rando thinks?” you say. Fine. How about this much more influential figure also calling for police restraint during a fight in which one kid was about to be stabbed in the gut?

When lefties said we should defund the police and not sweat the social consequences, they weren’t messing around.

Does Jarrett seriously believe the cops shouldn’t have immediately intervened to stop an assailant with a large knife? If you’ve ever heard of the “Tueller Drill” (or seen the episode of “Mythbusters”) you know that a person with a knife is a potentially deadly threat to someone with a gun within 20 feet. The cop wasn’t just protecting the girl whom Bryant was fighting with, he was protecting himself. “The Ma’Khia Bryant case is an encapsulation of the media and political class’s pathologies,” wrote Zaid Jilani. “Had she simply stabbed the other girl to death, it would never have been made a national news story. Activists wouldn’t have complained. Grieving family members would’ve been ignored.”

Tweets like this, while misguided, at least grasp that immediate action was required:

It’s hard to hit a target as small as a human hand even if it’s stationary and you have time to aim carefully, without fear of missing and killing an innocent bystander. Good luck aiming for the hand when the target is brawling with another person and you have one second to react.

The White House weighed in on Ma’Khia Bryant’s death this afternoon and predictably couldn’t resist insinuating (without directly stating) that there was a racial dimension to it despite any evidence to support that.

That may be the Biden administration’s version of “the police acted stupidly.” They’re not outright accusing the cops of having erred by shooting Bryant but they’re winking at the possibility by noting that blacks are treated violently by police to a disproportionate degree. They’re pandering as much as they can given the inconvenient facts to the lefty activists and media allies eager to make Bryant’s shooting a new case study in police brutality:

If Bryant should be alive, should the girl she was about to stab be dead instead?

I’ll leave you with this clip of out-and-out disinformation that aired last night on MSNBC, via Newsbusters. Watching this, you would think the cops showed up to a distress call from Bryant and gunned her down.