Yeesh: Biden stumbles while climbing stairs of Air Force One

Yeesh: Biden stumbles while climbing stairs of Air Force One

A harrowing reminder that we’re one slippery step away from a Kamala Harris administration. For cripes sake:

Varad Mehta tweeted that Biden looked like he was doing an impression of Chevy Chase doing an impression of Gerald Ford.

This makes two presidents in a row who had difficulty with stairs. Even some big-media types are wondering whether their colleagues will pay as much attention to Biden stumbling — three times in the span of a few seconds! — as they did to Trump taking things slow on inclines and declines:

Biden himself mocked Trump last year over the then-president’s caution while navigating a ramp at West Point:

The White House says Biden is fine after his “trip,” which is probably true since he’s headed to Atlanta to meet with residents and legislators about anti-Asian hate crimes. No sense lying about his condition when he’ll be in public this afternoon, observable by those around him. If anything, we might see this clip featured in a side-by-side comparison a few years from now about how much energy a 78-year-old Joe Biden had in bounding up stairs compared to the much slower, enervated gait of an 81-year-old Biden. Glad he’s okay, in any case.

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