The phenomenal "bowling alley drone" video

An early palate cleanser for a Friday afternoon. You know you’ve been trapped in pandemic misery for too long when you watch something this spectacular and find yourself distracted by the fact that not everyone’s wearing a mask. “But they’re indoors!”

This viral sensation, the work of a 25-year-old cinematographer, has drawn fawning praise even from Hollywood directors like James Gunn. The people behind it claim it’s 100 percent authentic — no tricks, apart from some cheeky dialogue (quoting “The Big Lebowski”) dubbed in afterward. According to the Times, it took 10 takes before they got the shot they wanted.

On first viewing it’s the remarkable deftness with which the drone maneuvers that grabs you, but that’s not the most impressive part. It’s the choreography that’s amazing, with the bowlers apparently cued up to roll at a precise moment. The last shot in particular seems almost impossible to have timed correctly without an edit somewhere. I’m 50/50 on whether to believe them that they did this in one take.

Oh, and no, the drone wasn’t destroyed by the conclusion, allegedly.

I recommend going to full screen to watch. The experience loses something in a smaller window.