Congress abruptly adjourns as pro-Trump mob enters Capitol

The House and Senate certification session has been interrupted. A Trump-encouraged putsch attempt against the United States Congress is under way.

It’s not just at the U.S. Capitol:

Whether out of basic decency or the realization that this episode is the end of Trumpism as a mainstream electoral force, Donald Trump Jr is trying to undo the damage:

Whereas Donald Trump Sr doesn’t give two sh*ts. Why should he? This is what he wanted. If Pence won’t disrupt Biden’s victory for him, a mob will:

He should be impeached and removed the moment Congress is back in session. The violence won’t end once the mob is cleared, after all. Some of his fans are looking for a fight and he’s clearly not inclined to discourage them.

Among many other “worsts” today, this is one of the worst security failures in the history of the United States. We’ll spend years trying to figure out how a mob was allowed to overrun Congress when it was apparent to everyone that some sort of violent demonstration might be happen on January 6. But in the meantime, understand this: Trump 2024 is finished. There are MAGA fans who’d vote for him again in spite of everything that’s happened over the past two months, including an impromptu putsch attempt today, but not every Trump 2020 voter would. He has “soft support” like any other politician does. And soft supporters aren’t signing up to see where another four years of this fascist insanity might take us.

It’s over, right now. And his presidency should be over tomorrow.

Update: I sure hope this isn’t true:

Update: Stalwart Trump ally Kevin McCarthy is shocked, shocked at what he’s seeing:

Update: Speaking of people whose presidential prospects are done, Hawley and Cruz are finished. Not a day will pass for the rest of their lives where they aren’t reminded of their role organizing a coup caucus on Trump’s behalf.

“This is what you’ve gotten, guys,” Mitt Romney reportedly yelled at them as the mob breached the Capitol and moved towards the Senate chamber. They knew where this would lead and they egged it on anyway. They’re grossly unfit for office. If they could be impeached and removed, they’d deserve it. But we’ll have to settle for them watching their ambitions crash horrendously around them.

Update: One person who can be impeached is acting defense secretary Chris Miller. He’d better have a simply magnificent excuse for why the military wasn’t deployed to take back the Capitol five minutes after the mob broke in.

Update: Around two hours after the seat of American democracy was seized by his fans, the president has reportedly begun to act:

Update: I saw someone on Twitter call this the worst terrorist attack in American history. That sentiment is hard to endorse because there’s no body count (yet); no skyscrapers have fallen, there’s barely any damage to the Capitol as far as I’m aware. But it is terrorism. It’s an attempt to intimidate the government of the United States into changing its policies by using violence. And the fact that the terrorists succeeded in capturing the seat of government, however briefly, makes it a singular humiliation in the country’s history — at least since the War of 1812, when the White House was torched. It’s not the “worst” attack if we’re measuring by deaths but it is arguably if we’re measuring by destabilizing intentions.

Update: Never Trump.

“If the House and Senate don’t vote to impeach and remove Trump from office for inciting this mob then it’s hard to see what reason they have to exist,” writes Alex Nowrasteh, correctly. What would Trump need to do, exactly, to get 19 Republican senators to vote to remove him if inciting a putsch against Congress doesn’t qualify?

Update: Adding a bit more to the chaos, and the terrorism theme:

Update: This is somewhat reassuring in explaining why the military was so slow to use. It wasn’t siding with Trump, it seems, just handwringing over contact with civilians. But the delay remains inexcusable. We’re lucky no member of Congress was murdered.

Update: This is one of Trump’s own former advisors: