Sunday morning talking heads

Sunday morning talking heads

Another Sunday morning and the Democratic nominee for president is nowhere to be found despite repeated requests from hosts for a tete-a-tete. Instead of Joe Biden or his new surrogate-in-chief, Kamala Harris, they’ll have to make do with Bernie Sanders. He’s the lead guest on “This Week,” “Meet the Press,” and “State of the Union,” no doubt tasked by the Biden campaign with trying to sell wary progressives on Harris’s nomination as VP. The tricky part is that if he’s too effusive about her left-wing cred it’ll be used by Team Trump to call her a radical. Expect Sanders to try to frame her as somewhere in between him and Biden ideologically.

The White House, meanwhile, has various top surrogates out to tout this week’s landmark diplomatic breakthrough between Israel and the UAE. One of the midwives of that deal, Jared Kushner, is set for “Face the Nation” while NSA Robert O’Brien will chat with “Meet the Press.” Chief of staff Mark Meadows and campaign spokesman Jason Miller are also scheduled for “State of the Union” and “This Week,” respectively. They’ll be asked about Harris too, of course, specifically Trump’s latest flirtation with Birtherism at her expense. Trump’s enthusiastic support for QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene after she won the GOP primary in Georgia’s 14th District earlier might also come up.

Sanders and the White House representatives will each be pressed on what’s happening at the Postal Service. Bernie will claim that a grand conspiracy to sabotage the Democrats’ plans to vote by mail is afoot while Kushner et al. will insist that it’s nothing more sinister than an effort to reorganize a failing agency. Presumably Sanders will seize this opportunity to call on Dems to vote as early as possible, whether in person or through the mail.

Elsewhere, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will chat with “Face the Nation” about the … unpleasantness in her city earlier this past week. The full line-up is at the AP.

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