The guy who freaked out during a dispute over masks at a Fort Myers Costco has been canceled

A snapshot of America 2020, in which everyone overreacts and fear and misery ensue.

This was allegedly shot at a Costco in Fort Myers, Florida. All Costco locations require masks to be worn on the premises. This dude wasn’t wearing a mask — although he was wearing a MAGA-ish t-shirt, which doubtless helped encourage the backlash online. We’re told in the tweet below that an “elderly woman” asked him to put a mask on but there’s no evidence of that in the clip itself. If it’s true and she’s behind the camera, it makes his menacing stalking towards the recorder even more indefensible.

The voice behind the camera sounds male. Maybe the “elderly woman” is off to the side, out of frame somewhere?

Anyway, he’s on the brink of a rage-gasm here so watch out for profanity.

It was the act of filming that set him off more so than the mask request, I think. Filming people in circumstances like these is an implied threat of a sort in our failing culture. Anything that’s filmed is apt to end up on the Internet and anything on the Internet that catches on is apt to having life-changing consequences. It was thus understandable that he’d feel pressure with a camera suddenly pointed at him, but it was reeeeeally stupid to freak out and turn this into the sort of thing that just might catch on online. The clip above has been viewed eight million times since yesterday as of 6 p.m. ET.

You can write the rest of this post yourself. The guy was identified within hours, with some Netizens using “enhancing” techniques on the video to get a clearer image of him. I assume randos began calling his employer to complain, although the video went sufficiently viral that possibly someone in management saw it, recognized him, and acted before the public could. Either way, he’s now unemployed:

The guy who posted the clip was, as of this afternoon, taunting this dude by posting photos from his former workplace of him smiling with now former colleagues “in happier days.” I’d bet cash money that rage boy has spent most of the day fielding death threats as well. Ten really bad seconds of his life — maybe representative of who he is, maybe not — in which no one was actually harmed, caught on tape and made famous literally overnight. And now who knows what sort of consequences it’ll have for his family. He’s probably not going to get hired anywhere immediately given his current notoriety. Does he have savings he can live on? Does he have kids? Does anyone think about stuff like that before cancellation?

America 2020, baby. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Word to the wise: If you’re prone to freakouts like this in public, you should (a) get help with anger management and (b) at least wear a more woke t-shirt in case the mob comes after you. It might earn you just enough goodwill that you’ll escape with your professional life.

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David Strom 5:20 PM | April 15, 2024