"What happened to you, Rudy?": The sad Piers Morgan/Rudy Giuliani interview

A palate cleanser courtesy of the Spectator, where Cockburn is left wondering if the clip proves that the rumors about Rudy in Washington are true.

I don’t know. This looks like good old-fashioned Fox-flavored MAGA TV-punditing to me. Wait until the “audience of one” finds out that Giuliani used his airtime on British television to berate Trump-friend-turned-harsh-critic Piers Morgan for no fewer than 10 minutes. Rudy might end up being appointed America’s new hydroxychloroquine czar.

Start with the first clip if you want all 10 (it only gets more intense with each minute) or skip to the second clip if you want the biggest fireworks, which weren’t included in the first. I think I know why: Morgan and his co-host are left apologizing for “profanity” that Giuliani supposedly used although it’s not clear whether that’s true. At one point, reminding Piers of how badly he failed as a CNN primetime host, Rudy accuses him of having “sucked up.” At least that’s what Cockburn heard; Morgan and his co-host heard something that, ah, rhymes with “sucked up.” I think Cockburn’s right but the context does lend itself more easily to Piers’s interpretation. Rudy seems genuinely baffled by being accused of swearing so either he’s innocent or he’s so far off his rocker than he doesn’t remember dropping the F-bomb on television from one minute to the next.

The point I’m trying to make here is that Fox should cancel Laura Ingraham, give these two their own live hour-long show, and let them do shots during each commercial break. Imagine the last 10 minutes every night.