Chuck Schumer: Biden's denial of Tara Reade's accusation is "sufficient"

“Before the #MeToo movement, women were not listened to who were telling what had happened to them,” he intones here, adding quickly that they’re listened to now.

Chuck, m’boy, if at all it takes to dismiss a woman’s accusation of sexual assault out of hand is a perfunctory denial by the alleged culprit then women are not being listened to. Not in any meaningful way. If he wants to borrow the Republican standard for Trump and make it the Democrats’ standard for Biden, okay. But he should at least be honest about what he’s doing. It’s an outright repudiation of #MeToo, not some vindication of it.

A formal investigation would mean that women are being listened to. Schumer wanted one of those for Brett Kavanaugh, didn’t he? And he got one in the form of the FBI interviewing key witnesses.

When do the Capitol Police or the D.C. district attorney interview Reade and Biden and their close acquaintances to see how their stories line up?

We’re a lo-o-o-ong way from #BelieveAllWomen. I knew we’d get there eventually once an important Democrat was accused and Schumer’s party suddenly had real skin in this game but I didn’t think we’d get there this quickly. Or that the effort to distinguish Biden/Reade from Kavanaugh/Ford would be so half-hearted.

I mean, watch this. The man’s not even trying. He even segues from the Reade matter to chirping about how Biden’s going to help them take back the Senate, as if he’s telling on himself by revealing how nakedly partisan his double standard is.

This is not going away, no matter how much Democrats wish it would. Especially now that there’s polling evidence that the Reade allegations are hurting Biden.

I think Schumer and other Dems really do believe that Biden’s innocent. He’s “handsy” but in a creepy uncle way, not in a forced-digital-penetration way. But I wonder how often Chuck, Nancy, and everyone else in the party lies awake at night wondering what’ll happen if a second woman comes forward to claim she was assaulted by Biden too. The only thing keeping Democrats (mostly) on his side, I think, is that there’s no evidence of a pattern of sexual assault here. And one would think that, if it existed, evidence of a pattern would be known by now with respect to a guy who’s 77, was a senator since he was 30, and served as VP for two terms.

You never know, though. All it would take to upend the election and the nomination process is a second credible accuser. We might end up with a floor fight at the convention between Berniebros and Cuomogals.

Here’s Megyn Kelly lashing into certain unnamed phony “women’s advocates” who rent their garments over Kavanaugh and are now basically making armpit-fart noises at Reade. I wonder who she has in mind. There are only a few thousand possibilities.